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14 Jun

MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 14/06/2012 00:45:58.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 05

Manchester THU 14/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:45 TCX2523  G-DHJH   Airbus A321-211
00:48 MON667   G-OZBO   Airbus A321-231
01:20 TOM71G   G-OBYF   Boeing 767-304
01:22 TOM27D   G-FDZX   Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:32 EZY1976  G-EZTN   Airbus A320-214
01:47 MON649L  G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
02:11 TOM895   G-TAWB   Boeing 737-8K5/W
02:26 TOM4JB   G-BYAT   Boeing 757-204
03:13 STU3361  LX-STA   Airbus A320-212
04:12 TCX2619  G-FCLJ   Boeing 757-2Y0
04:18 TCX31GY  G-FCLF   Boeing 757-28A
05:20 LLC234   OM-CEX   Boeing 737-436                  – (2nd Visit)
05:43 TOM87T   SE-RFS   Boeing 767-304ER
05:48 TCX92FX  G-FCLD   Boeing 757-25F
06:44 TCX46RB  G-TCCA   Boeing 767-31K
06:58 DLH8JT   D-ACNJ   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:02 ETD015   A6-EYR   Airbus A330-243
07:06 SHT2A    G-EUUP   Airbus A320-232
07:12 EIN20E   EI-DER   Airbus A320-214
07:14 TOM197   G-OOBL   Boeing 767-324
07:22 SIA328   9V-SWB   Boeing 777-312ER
07:24 DLH5KV   D-ACNP   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:29 BEE8NX   G-JECL   De Havilland DHC8-402
07:30 AAL0210 …

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13 Jun

MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 13/06/2012 00:10:18.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 05 until 10.20 when ops changed back to 23.

Manchester WED 13/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:10 RYR48FW  EI-DPC   Boeing 737-8AS
00:14 MON521   G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
00:33 EZY194A  G-EZTE   Airbus A320-214
01:00 TCX2663  G-FCLI   Boeing 757-28A
01:14 EZY1942  G-EZTN   Airbus A320-214
01:34 MON649B  G-OZBU   Airbus A321-231
01:54 TCX2849  G-TCDA   Airbus A321-211
02:05 TCX2519  G-FCLJ   Boeing 757-2Y0
02:39 MON667A  G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
02:56 TOM8PD   G-OOAR   Airbus A320-214
03:11 STU3247  LX-STC   Airbus A320-212
03:36 TCX23NP  G-TCCB   Boeing 767-31K
04:33 TCX53JS  G-TCCA   Boeing 767-31K
06:03 TOM      G-DBLA   Boeing 767-35E
06:55 ETD015   A6-EYI   Airbus A330-243
07:02 TCX2775  G-FCLC   Boeing 757-28A
07:02 QTR041   A7-AEO   Airbus A330-302
07:04 DLH8JT   D-ACNB   Canadair CRJ900NG Regional Jet
07:06 TCX149   G-MLJL   Airbus A330-243
07:08 EIN20E   EI-DEP   Airbus A320-214
07:10 RYR17ME  EI-EKE   Boeing 737-8AS
07:12 SIA328   9V-SWP   Boeing 777-312ER
07:14 SHT2A    G-EUUL   Airbus A320-232

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10 Jun

MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 09/06/2012 00:20:12.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester SAT 9/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:20 EZY1974  G-EZUU   Airbus A320-214
00:24 LLC229   LY-FLH   Boeing 737-382
00:25 EXS924   G-LSAA   Boeing 757-236
00:38 MON663   G-OZBH   Airbus A321-231
00:41 EXS918M  G-LSAC   Boeing 757-23A
00:44 BIE2014  SX-BHV   Airbus A320-211                 – (2nd Visit)
00:50 MON627A  G-OJEG   Airbus A321-231
00:54 EXS922   G-LSAK   Boeing 757-23N
00:57 EZY194A  G-EZTE   Airbus A320-214
01:01 TOM437   G-BYAT   Boeing 757-204
01:06 EXS838   G-CELI   Boeing 737-330
01:08 TOM507   G-TAWB   Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:11 EZY1980  G-EZUG   Airbus A320-214
01:45 TOM79T   G-FDZX   Boeing 737-8K5/W
01:47 GFSEU    G-FSEU   Beech 200
01:57 MON649   G-OZBS   Airbus A321-231
02:01 MON595   G-MONR   Airbus A300B4-605R
02:03 MON569   G-MONS   Airbus A300B4-605R
02:05 TCX2515  G-WJAN   Boeing 757-21KER
02:09 TOM773   G-OBYH   Boeing 767-304
02:35 TCX75KD  G-TCBA   Boeing 757-28A
02:53 MON521A  G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
02:56 MON5329  G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
03:08 TCX2719  G-TCDA   Airbus A321-211
03:12 MON661  …

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9 Jun

MAN Arrivals / Departures Log beginning 08/06/2012 00:40:10.
Times are LOCAL.
Author Paul Moiser

Runway in use 23

Manchester FRI 8/6

Arr   CallSign Reg      Type
00:43 RYR64EQ  EI-DPC   Boeing 737-8AS
00:59 MON595   G-OZBL   Airbus A321-231
01:08 TOM3FT   G-THOP   Boeing 737-3U3
01:14 EXS892   G-LSAC   Boeing 757-23A
01:16 EXS984   G-LSAA   Boeing 757-236
01:18 MON649   G-OZBI   Airbus A321-231
01:21 EZY1904  G-EZTR   Airbus A320-214
01:26 EXS898   G-CELE   Boeing 737-33A
01:29 MON569B  G-OZBS   Airbus A321-231
02:00 TCX2559  G-WJAN   Boeing 757-21KER
02:02 MON559   G-OZBT   Airbus A321-231
02:17 TCX53CR  G-TCCB   Boeing 767-31K
02:37 MON505   G-OJEG   Airbus A321-231
04:05 KAL9503  HL7603   Boeing 747-4B5FER               – (4th Visit)
04:20 TCX2869  G-TCCA   Boeing 767-31K
04:57 TOM427   G-OOPE   Airbus A321-211
05:27 FDX5204  N917FD   Boeing 757-23A
05:41 TOM163   G-OOBM   Boeing 767-324
05:45 TCX315   G-MLJL   Airbus A330-243
05:58 TCX202P  G-FCLF   Boeing 757-28A
07:00 RYR17ME  EI-DLC   Boeing 737-8AS
07:08 ETD015   A6-EYQ   Airbus A330-243
07:18 EIN20E   EI-DVL   Airbus A320-214
07:21 QTR041   A7-ACG   Airbus A330-202
07:22 SIA328  …

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9 Jun

The JetHead Blog

With the summer travel season upon us now, you can hardly watch more than thirty minutes of any newscast without some mention of airline fees which, according to every source pandering to public perception, are skyrocketing and unfair.

I’m all in favor of fairness. So, if this problem of added fees is to be eliminated for the sake of the consumer, it needs to be eliminated across the board. Because airline fees are just the tip of the iceberg.

First, and perhaps most egregiously, we need to eliminate the outrageous gouging the average consumer must bear every time a restaurant feels like charging for “extras.” To do that, everything on the menu should be included in one price. This business of charging a fee for an “appetizer,” a “dessert”–it’s nothing more than a money grab. Coffee, too–all beverages, really–should be included without an extra charge. When you order a meal…

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4 Jun

Airline Route

Update at 1805GMT 03JUN12

As per 03JUN12 GDS inventory display, QATAR Airways starting 15SEP12 is to terminate codeshare operation with UNITED. QR-coded flight numbers on following 70 UNITED operating routes has been closed for travel on/after 15SEP12.

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